I’m Carichcard Durandisse.

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Know You.

The sooner you start the faster you will discover the new you. Join millions of others on your quest to share your gift with the World.

Practice Makes Perfect

Earn up to $300,000 HTG per 100,000 View per month.


Create interesting Videos about numerous activities or subjects in your daily life. Such as, Politic, Gaming, Religious belief, debates, agricultural, Sports, educatinal, products review ect..


Share your gift with the World. You have a lot to learn and teach one another. Together We will evolve as one People, One World, One Goal, and a common dream. As Iron sharpens Iron, so does one man sharpens one another.


Make a living off of your hard works and dedication. Stay true to your craft and your Craft will stay true to you. what you create today is an investment into your future. The more you share your work the more successful you will become.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


Start Recording

Any video recording device with HD, 4K and 8K is welcome.


Learn as you go

View your subscribers work to learn and apply new skills.


Get better in no time

Improve your skills in time with updated tech and experience.

more about You


We all have something to share. There’s no such thing as a boring life just a boring person.


Do you take pictures and videos when you travel? You are exactly the kind of creator we’re looking for.


Do you read a lot of books? Well tell us you Opinion on the books that you have read. Perhaps write your own.


You have dreams of becoming an actor, it all start with picking up that camera. No dream is too small or to big you just have to start.


Like to get your groove on when you here the beat? so does Billions of others around the World. Share your passion with us.

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